It tends to begin cautiously in conversation—sharing something emotionally meaningful with a new partner—but evolves over time into a connection with someone we believe truly gets us. Once a bond of intimacy is established, it can become the bedrock of both deep friendship and physical desire. Strong relationships require different types of nurturing—physical, emotional, and attentional.

The social exchange theory states that humans seek to maximize rewards and minimize costs (Littlejohn & Foss, 2011). Not only are partners in relationships considering current costs and rewards, but by employing relationship maintenance strategies, the partners are also considering future costs and rewards. Relationship maintenance strategies are tactics, efforts, and actions that individuals and partners utilize to keep a relationship, and the characteristics of a relationship, intact. The goal of relationship maintenance is not simply just to keep the relationship itself intact, but also the qualities of the relationship that both partners find enjoyable.

Common Marital Issues in Today’s Time

If you are not growing in your relationship, you are losing ground. It may not seem like it at first, but in time you will notice the slippage. We have dear friends who regularly go to counseling for their marriage.

Nourish the Intimacy in Marriage:

One alternative is to focus on self-care and personal growth, such as pursuing new hobbies, joining support groups, or seeking counseling. Ultimately, the morality of dating during separation is a personal decision that should take into consideration the feelings and well-being of all parties involved, including any children of the marriage. Although transgressions vary in the extent to which they challenge relational contracts, they all can raise doubts in the mind of the partner who assesses the transgression. In other words, transgressions lead to uncertainty about the person who has committed the behavior as well as about the relationship itself. Finally–obviously–post-separation adultery remains a ground for divorce. However once a final order of separate maintenance has issued this should probably not be a concern for a client who wishes to date so long as that client does not expose his or her children to those he or she dates.

If we feel that our spouse is constantly attacking us and not respecting our feelings, we will start to lose trust in them. This can lead to a breakdown in communication and can ultimately damage the relationship. If we feel that we are constantly being criticized, we will start to become defensive. We will start to feel that we have to justify every action we take, and we will be less likely to take advice from our spouse. This can lead to a lot of tension and conflict in the relationship.

Reconnected: The Digital Experience

As social media continues to be used as a tactic to carry out relationship maintenance strategies, communication scholars can expect to see these strategies evolve. Every millennial, today, believes that the tie that marriage binds is too binding for them. And an alternative is a relationship that resembles marriage but without its obligations and responsibilities. This arrangement is generally entered into by consent, either to test compatibility before marriage or to simply evade the hassles of a formal marriage.


A demanding partner might have a list of ideal goals that they want to accomplish, but they might not line up with your own goals. Sit down with your girlfriend and talk about how you could work together to achieve realistic goals that are good for the both of you. Some high maintenance women have little quirks that you can probably live with—for instance, maybe she takes a long time getting ready, or maybe she’s picky about her coffee order.

Self-centered and selfish qualities from someone in a relationship keep the focus firmly their way. It’s not just materialistic or superficial qualities, your girl can just as easily be emotionally high maintenance too. We sometimes include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Please help to marriage the notability of matrimonials topic by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide women coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

“This is a happy time for all. Nick and Priyanka are definitely ready for this new challenge in their lives. It is something they have both wanted,” another insider said. “Now is their time, and they could not be more ready to raise a child.” But marriage requires more than child-free nights and a new hairstyle.

At that point, your obsession with keeping up with the Joneses has gone a bit too far. If you find yourself unwilling to spend time at your significant other’s pad, you might be a high-maintenance partner. Relationships require comprise—and that means you should be willing to commute a little extra or carry an overnight bag at least as many days of the week as your partner does. A thoughtful partner expresses their love in a multitude of ways, both big and small. But if you’re only appreciative of more elaborate displays of affection—things like bouquets of roses and impossible-to-find concert tickets—you might be high-maintenance.

It becomes the cultural norm in this group to attend dinner with your partner. The couples support one another, and value the time as a group which helps maintain the individual relationship. Early research finds that humans desire to be in relationships that are fair, meaning that partners like to feel that there is equal work put into a relationship.

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Relationship Maintenance